Fix It

Broken iPhone


Cracked Displays

See clearly in any situation.

  • iPhone 5s:     $199
  • iPhone 5c:     $199
  • iPhone 5:       $149
  • iPhone 3Gs:  $110
  • iPhone 3G:    $80

iPhone 4 and 4s display repairs must be requested on a per-repair basis.



Get brand-new battery life on your device, no matter its age.

  • iPhone 5s:       $39
  • iPhone 5c:       $39
  • iPhone 5:         $39
  • iPhone 4s:       $39
  • iPhone 4:         $34
  • iPhone 3Gs:    $34


Other Stuff

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Disclaimer and Warranty

Parts are covered against material defects by my supplier’s warranty. If I inadvertently render a device unusable during a repair, I do not charge for the labour involved in that repair and may offer to purchase the non-functional device for what it’s worth. (Having said that, I have a 100% success rate so far with fully functional devices returned to the customer every time.) In order to have me perform a repair, you must order the part yourself from my supplier. After diagnosing the problem, I will tell you what part to order and email you a link to the correct part. If I recommend the wrong part, I will pay shipping to return it. I am not responsible customers ordering the wrong part if the linked part was correct at the time of emailing.


For all prices:

Parts and service included, shipping and GST not included. Prices subject to change. Contact us for more information.