Evan, The Assistant, has a passion for helping people coupled with a passion for computers. Speaking plain language, and allowing you to learn by doing, I provide one-on-one personal tutorials for Mac computers, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV; iTunes, and other software. Also an experienced technician, I can solve your broken iPhone problems, replace your hard disk, and perform other repairs out of warranty for minimal cost.

Located in Edmonton, I welcome clients to bring their problem to me if the device is more portable (an iMac, laptop, or portable device). Ask about mobile service for less-mobile setups!

Let me help you get the most out of your Apple device.

Why Apple Assistant?

I’m more personal and less expensive.

I have experience. I’ve …

  • troubleshot networks
  • set up Time Machine back ups
  • troubleshot Bluetooth connections
  • disassembled my iPhone to replace its Home button
  • taken an iMac almost completely apart and put it together again a few times without negatively affecting its behaviour
  • fixed a hinge-related mechanical and electrical failure in a laptop (not a Mac, of course!)
  • restored documents to a vanished desktop
  • among other things

Since I’m not affiliated with any larger firm, I will not pressure you into buying something you don’t want. I can help you make well-informed decisions. Supposing, for example, you need to run a newer piece of software on your older Mac computer. The software won’t run on your current operating system. What do you do now?

Supposing you need to run this software, you have two options (there’s a third thrown in in case you don’t need to):

  • Upgrade to the newest operating system (OS).
  • Purchase a newer computer that comes with the newest OS.
  • Stick with your current setup and don’t upgrade since Macs often run well for a long time.

What are the advantages of each of the above options, you ask?

  • Upgrading the OS is much less expensive (in fact, macOS upgrades haven’t cost even a cent in years), if your computer supports it.
  • However, if your computer is beyond six or seven years old, a better option might be to replace your entire computer with a newer Mac (either new or refurbished).
  • On the other hand, you’re familiar with how your computer works now and it’s most likely working fine as-is.

… and the disadvantages?

  • If you don’t have enough memory (RAM, or temporary memory) on your computer, upgrading to a new OS may slow it to a crawl. 4 GB is the bare minimum I would recommend today.
  • Moving to a new computer is quite pricey compared to simply upgrading the OS.
  • Obviously the software you want to run isn’t going to run on your old system, which is why you asked the question in the first place!

From there, you’ll be enlightened and able to make a decision that will suit your needs best.