iOS 10.2 on iPhone 5

I didn’t mean my blog to turn into a re-test of Apple’s latest software updates. But here we are. A popular news site I frequent indicated that iOS 10 has been a lot nicer to Apple’s older hardware than any update before that, and with that reassurance, I took the plunge and updated. The verdict: I heartily agree. If you can get past:

  • Pressing Home to unlock,
  • the giant bubble-licious cards in Notification Centre and where the search used to be,
  • having the Health app changed so it’s more difficult to just see your steps or activity for the last month,
  • the new Maps look and feel with a larger search bar and giant pins (can we call them “pins” anymore?),
  • the giant new section at the top of every contact card,
  • and generally larger text and more white (or “wasted”) space everywhere …

… you’ll really like iOS 10! But that’s where my complaints end. I didn’t expect such amazing performance from my iPhone after this update, even though I knew it would be better than iOS 9 based on the report I had read. The graphics are very smooth in every area except Notification Centre, where things are still a little jittery. But everywhere else, things have improved markedly. Scrolling everywhere in every app has been improved to make it sometimes “slipperier,” depending on the app, and always smoother. All animations now render flawlessly, never dropping a frame or seizing up slightly as they would under iOS 9.3. The app-launching animation has been shortened and changed slightly, and I like it better. It seems much faster, though if it actually takes less time to launch an app, I can’t say. I can forgive a few modifications to the way I do things for improvements on this scale. Overall, my four-year-old iPhone feels new again, and as a result of this impressive update, I don’t feel like paying Apple for another iPhone for a while yet. When I have the cash and feel it’s necessary, however, given this track record, I will buy another iPhone. Nobody else offers this kind of performance on a phone over two years old, much less brand-new updates.

Update December 29, 2016:

One more complaint: it seems that the sappy, drippy, disgusting, imprecise, and Microsoft-esque language that dominates Windows interactions has arrived on the iPhone: from Music, “We’ll play this next.” I guess I’ll just have to close my eyes and try to ignore it …

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