iOS 9.3.3 on iPhone 5, iPad 2

Over the past couple of days I have been using iOS 9.3.3, the latest version out of Cupertino. Having updated both my iPhone 5 (four years old) and second-generation iPad (four and a half years old) from iOS 9.2.1, I have the following comments:

  • iPhone. My four-year-old iPhone feels a year newer suddenly. Graphics were starting to lag, drop frames, and be otherwise choppy under iOS 9.2.1. I was wondering if my phone was on the way out. Fortunately, it was not to be. With 9.3.3, graphics are once again buttery smooth with nary a dropped frame to be seen. Subtle updates to the feel of how multitasking responds to your finger makes it easier to use, and the phone generally feels more responsive. Whether it’s actually faster I don’t have the means to test. It definitely feels faster than it had been though.
  • iPad. Bug fixes, yay! Honestly I haven’t noticed any difference. Where the keyboard lagged before, it laggeth still. I think the dictionary bug has been squashed though, and for that I am thankful since I have run into it a few times. Sometimes I find its (lack of) speed frustrating, but it’s an awful lot faster than my PC when it thinks it is installing updates “in the background,” which means hogging all resources so nothing happens at all. The iPad at least is very consistent and predictable and doesn’t run into these sorts of issues.

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