Where’s My USB Dongle?

Somehow I have a feeling that’s a question many people are going to ask. After all, Apple’s new MacBook only has one port – that port charges the computer and it’s the only way for data to get in and out of the computer if you can’t use AirDrop, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Even to charge your iPhone from the MacBook, you’re going to need an adapter. Or, if you want to use wired Ethernet, you must use an adapter. Same goes for Thunderbolt, USB flash drives, mini DisplayPort-compatible monitors, TVs, projectors, or anything else that plugs in to your computer. On the upside, since those ports aren’t weighing it down and beefing it up, the MacBook is a really thin and light computer at 0.92 kg (2.03 lbs), perfect for travelling with. I look forward to hefting one.

Along with the updated MacBook Pro line, the MacBook has acquired a new trackpad. Rather than sensing touch only, the trackpad can now sense how hard you are touching it, allowing for more nuanced and detailed communication with the computer. Force Touch is being used as a shortcut to common functions normally accessed via a two-finger click (or control-click), which will speed up certain tasks and activities.

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