iOS 7.1 Arrives

One of the things that sets Apple apart from the rest of the tech crowd is its willingness to support older hardware. Apple released iOS 7.1 this week to address some small but significant things throughout iOS. For newer devices, it improves stability and seems to do away with crashes altogether. For older devices, especially iPhone 4, it improves performance significantly over iOS 7, bringing the speed of launching apps much closer to what it was under iOS 6. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 and it’s running iOS 7.x right now, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Installing iOS 7.1 will improve speed dramatically for you.

Ars Technica has done a pixel-by-pixel breakdown of the minor changes in iOS 7.1, as well as a benefit analysis for iPhone 4 users. I won’t reiterate everything they said, but if you’re curious about what really changed, read those two articles.

By System.Administrator Posted in iOS

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